Home Furniture Transport

Wherever your home or office furniture you desire to transport, BTC aims to move you forward. BTC offers country wide transport services that manage the movement of your home or office furniture via land to any destination inside or outside Egypt. Using a mix of our in-house transportation fleet and the services of carefully selected transport partners, we provide you with flexible, dependable and efficient delivery services. Even with the most difficult transportation situations, our trained drivers and professional logistics team will find a way to deliver your home or office furniture using the latest technologies and truck models. BTC will provide your company with first-class, quality in-land transport services, more consistently than any other cargo forwarding company in Egypt.

Home Furniture TransportBTC Logistics transportation services offer:
•    Safe and efficient handling, transportation, and delivery of furniture.
•    Experience in handling all different forms of home or office furniture.
•    Full consultation and coordination with the client prior to the transportation process, to insure smooth transfer and high quality performance.
•    Specialized staff in furniture transport.